Patty Davis Bio
After Patty moved to Redmond in 2013, she married her long-time childhood crush, Pete Davis and they began attending RCC shortly thereafter. Together they are blending their families (6 adult children, 5 bonus grandkids, 3 cats and 1 dog) and learning how to navigate life, and all of its wonders. When they're not up on the stage singing or behind the sound booth, you'll find them fishing, camping, visiting kids, gardening, or decorating.
Patty has been playing, singing, writing, recording, directing, and teaching music since the Ice Age (or) 1986 all throughout the PNW and in various settings. Worship is her heart and sitting behind the piano, singing her guts out for Jesus, is her favorite place to be in the world.
Patty believes that music is one of the best gifts that God has given to each and every one of us, and that it is an honor to serve Him in this way. She is beyond thankful for the opportunity to lead us in worship to the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.
As we gather, a wonderful exchange happens: as we lift up his name, give our praise and adoration to Him, He in turn, blesses us with a greater awareness of who He is, His presence and His promises in our lives and those around us. He is so worthy to be praised. Patty believes that true, spirit -filled worship comes from within - from our hearts. It is a sincere expression of our love and gratitude for all that Christ has done and continues to do in all of us.