Pastor Thomas Benge

Thomas serves as Senior Pastor of Teaching and Leadership at Redmond Community Church and considers it to be one of the most amazing and challenging experiences of his life. Although he was born and raised in Ohio, he spent most of his adult life in Pennsylvania where he went to college graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then went on to work 17 years in law enforcement, retiring as a police Sergeant in 2007. After this retirement, he moved to Redmond, Oregon with Nicole, his wife of over 23 years, and two adult daughters, Lauryn and Aaliah.
Thomas and Nicole opened, owned, and operated a strength and conditioning facility in 2008 shortly after moving to Redmond.   In September of 2021 after 14 years and many amazing memories and learning experiences they closed the door to that chapter in their lives to fully embrace what God has for them in this season and Redmond Community Church.  “We loved what we did in that space and had so many opportunities to minister and learn to love people”.  When not teaching at church, training, or spending time with his bride, Thomas remains connected to the law enforcement and military communities providing consulting and training in various physical skills and tactical domains.
In 2011, Thomas and Nicole, along with his pastor and spiritual father from Pennsylvania, planted a church where Thomas was ordained as a pastor two years later. He then joined the team at Redmond Community Church in 2016
Pastoring is something that Thomas always considered to be a call on his life, even though he got there in a most unusual manner.  Thomas was influenced very early on by his maternal grandmother Maxine who he considered to be his primary spiritual influence.  “I would go to Wednesday night prayer meetings with Grandma Maxie,” and “she would have me read Psalm 91 every day.”  Growing up, church was a regular part of his life, and by age 14 (when he personally made the decision for Christ himself), being a Pastor or professional basketball player were the two things he wanted to do in his life.  “The first message I ever preached was when I was 15 years old in front of our church on a Sunday night after coming back from a Teens for Christ event in Cincinnati Ohio.”
Thomas is passionate and driven about sharing and communicating God’s word and believes that His primary call is to communicate Jesus Christ and the love that the Father has to all of His people.  “I love when people encounter and are changed by the transformational love and person of Jesus Christ.”  He is currently in the process of pursuing his Master of Divinity (M.Div).
Tom loves reading, learning, shooting, and spending time with his wife and daughters and close friends.