Nathan Saito Bio
My Life in Christ (John 1:4).
The following describes how I learned about the life and teachings of Jesus, received Him as Lord and Savior and continue to pursue and enjoy life in Christ. I learned my family is deeply rooted in the Good News dating a hundred years back into the woods of Japan. Relatives immigrated to America and became elders and pastors shepherding the Japanese-American communities. My earliest memories are in the Japanese Church of Christ in Salt Lake City and being raised in a Christ-centered home. Matthew 1:1-17. I grew up in Mission Viejo, California and attended Wintersburg Presbyterian Church in Garden Grove. The junior high youth group was led by caring and intelligent people that challenged us with big questions of life, to think and to pursue Truth. I attended Bible study, discipleship, weekend and summer retreats and outreaches to Mexico and Japan. Junior High Bible Study taught me about John 3:16 and Deuteronomy 4:6-7. I studied at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. Bible classes, chapel services and travel through the Holy Lands, Europe and Mexico broadened and deepened my faith. Homeless Outreach, Juvenile Hall Ministry, Halfway Homes and seeing life through the Christian worldview helped me understand what it means to live in Christ. Phillipians 1:20,21. My wife and I lived in Japan, taught high school English and were active in a church in Gunma-ken. Observing the commercialism, idolatry and emptiness of many I was reminded that Christ is the Bread of Life and Everlasting Water, the Way the Truth and Life. John 14:6. We worshipped with friends from Scotland, Ireland, England, Australia, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan, Canada, all parts of the US and all parts of the world: God’s people scattered yet praising together. Revelation 7:9. My family (Katie, Benny and Yoshi) has lived in Central Oregon for 24 years and attended RCC for 20 years. We appreciate the teaching, leadership, and ministries of Redmond Community Church.  Proverbs 22:6.