Moises Viramontes Bio
My name is Moises Viramontes. I’m from Mexico. I’ve been happily married since 2000 with my “Tica” (Costa Rican) Debbie. We have two beautiful children, Elizabeth and Ian, who have been a great blessing for our marriage.
I was a teenager when God found me. Receiving Jesus as my Savior is the best thing that ever happened to me. I love Him so much that I promised to wear out my life at his service. I started helping with youth groups, sharing the gospel at the town squares, singing Christian songs in busses (I only knew two songs with my guitar). I also was involved in a ministry of preaching at the city jail. I studied at a Seminary in México for two years, then I went to Texas in 1995 to obtain a Bachelor of Bible Studies from Rio Grande Bible Institute. I moved to Oregon in 2000 to start my ministry. In 2019 I obtained a Bachelor of Christian Ministries from Seminario Teológico Latinoamericano (SETEL), Arizona.  Currently I’m working on my master’s degree from the same Institute.
I spent part of my life teaching the gospel in rural towns of Mexico, Central America, and other places while I was a student in Texas. Truly an unforgettable experience.
When I came to Oregon, I served in the Conservative First Baptist Church of Madras. There I worked as a music director and as a leader of the youth group (Hispanic group). Later I moved to Bend to work at Eastmont Church (Hispanic group) as associate pastor. In 2006 my wife Debbie and I decided to start a new church in Redmond, OR. This is how we met (then) Pastor Curtis and our church family at RCC. I’ve been the pastor of the Hispanic Church here since 2006.
During these years we started several programs, like the Gathering of the Baptist Family, when we had quarterly meetings with other five churches. Also, we started the Family Camp of Central Oregon, where we directed Christian family-oriented camps. Over the last ten years we have been helping our community in any way we can.